FOV: 180. POV: MALE. Release Date: 2022-08-12 01:00:05

Have you ever been to the psychologist’s office? And how has it been? Boring, emotional (probably in a bad way), and… well, expensive? Don’t worry, as in VR Bangers’ latest glasses VR porn scene called the Sexolojizz we’re inviting you to the psychologist’s office that’s indeed ONE-OF-A-KIND!

Wear your VR goggles to get your ass directly to, where you’ll be able to join the hottest psychologist in the entire world – our super-hot blonde VR porn model, Bridgette B! Even though you know that she’s a kinky porn star (and not a doctor), you can believe us that she’ll treat you professionally and that after a visit in her office you’ll feel much, much better…

How is that even possible? And who said that therapeutic methods used by her have to be boring and predictable? This MILF VR porn star has some ‘skills’ that you should appreciate as soon as you will wear your VR headset – and you can trust (both us and her) that this one evening could change your entire life!

So what exactly is going to happen in Doctor Bridgette’s office? We can’t tell you that yet as we don’t want to spoil you all the ‘fun’ – but (to lift the veil of secrecy) you’ll have to go through some psychological tests, then she’ll do some other examinations, and finally… yeah, the magic will begin to happen.

The methods used inside of this VR porn scene are not really too conventional, but still, they will do miracles to both your body and your mind – you only have to trust us, VR Bangers, and start watching this virtual reality porn fantasy as soon as possible. You’ll love the effects of this therapy, we promise! And you can always keep coming back to it – again, and again…