Best Interactive VR Sex Toys – Reviews & Ratings

Sex is one of the driving forces of humanity. No matter how shy or outgoing you are, sex is probably the most important force that makes us do things. We are constantly looking for pleasure and comfort. Proof are the statistics showing the massive consumption of porn content today. All the industries connected to sex have evolved and continues to do so; from regular porn to virtual reality porn and from sex toys to the best interactive VR Sex Toys.

Without any doubt, the direction is towards a ‘hands-off’ experience when it comes to virtual sex. No matter if you want to have sex with your long distance partner, with a webcam girl or using vr porn. You can check the 2020 statistics about vr porn and you will see that, although an emerging market, interactive vr sex toys are starting to get used exponentially along with vr porn (data provided by SexLikeReal). Another interesting aspect is that people that use interactive vr sex toys spend 11 times more time watching vr porn, compared to those that don’t use teledildonics.

For all of these reasons and because we like vr porn in all its forms, let’s take a look at the current state of the interactive sex toys that can be used with VR Porn. Sure, the market of teledildonics is a bit bigger than VR. But, since few articles are concentrating on VR niche we will analyze and review the products taking into account how good they are for VR Porn users.

First, you will find bellow a public poll generated by people that use Virtual Reality Sex Toys. This will give you a simple and fast way to see what are the best VR sex toys. And if you are like me, you want all the info that you can have. Bellow this table you will find details and reviews about these products.

VR Sex Toy

Price & Payment Methods



TheHandy VR Sex Toy Review

The Handy

~ $189

Apple Pay, Paypal, Credit Cards

Keon Feel Stroker VR Sex Toy Review


~ $250

Apple Pay, Paypal, Credit Cards

QuickShot Launch Fleshligth Review


~ $190

Paypal, Credit Cards

Titan Interactive Vibrating Masturbator Review

TITAN BY KIIROO™ Interactive Vibrating Masturbator for Men

~ $150

Apple Pay, Paypal, Credit Cards

Lovense Max2 Review

Lovense Max 2

$99 + $5 USB Bluetooth Adapter

Paypal, Credit Cards

Autoblog AI Review

Autoblow A.I.

from $220

Paypal, Amazon Pay, Credit Cards

Kiiroo Onyx+ Interactive Male Masturbator Review

KIIROO® ONYX+™ Interactive Male Masturbator

~ $220

Apple Pay, Paypal, Credit Cards

To make the distinction clear, when we say Interactive VR Sex Toys we refer to toys that are not only ‘hands-off’. We refer to toys that are able to interact with the VR Porn content. More and more vr porn scenes, offer scripts for sex toys. The scripts instruct the sex toy when to move, how fast, in such a way that it mimics the action from the scene watched. If you have read until here and you are still asking yourself “what is a vr sex toy?”, you can view it as a masturbating device able to mimic the ‘movement’ of the pornstar you fuck in virtual reality.

If good VR porn should give an immersive experience, adding a VR porn toy should give you the most intense experience you can get with todays technology.

There are many toys that can be used with vr porn, but our main aim are those able to interact with the content watched. Let’s have a closer look to each of these VR Porn Toys. We will include some that aren’t synced with VR, but they are too good not to mention. The order in which they are bellow is almost random. The most important order is the one on the above poll.


KEON & FEEL STROKER best vr sex toy

Probably the best at the time of writing this. This combines a ‘fleshlight’ and a support that automates it’s movement. The ‘vagina’ is not an actual Fleshlight, but a custom made stroker by Kiiroo. As a side note, some users managed to squeez a fleshlight sleeve instead of the stroker that Kiiroo offers. Although they don’t have the same dimensions, it seems that some users are really creative with their toys and would try anything to test what feels best.

Back on the product, as it is design, it has a few things that most users appreciate the most:

  1. manual mode. This gives you control over speed and depth of stroke. Just like you control the sound on your TV you can control the depth and speed instantly.
  2. interactive mode. This enables the toy to interact with your long distance partner, to interact with content from VR Porn Sites and even use an app to create your own scripts/rhythm.

For those that managed to try Fleshlight Launch and thought that was good, KEON & FEEL STROKER is the improved version. It is smaller and easier to hold in hands or put in bed in a way that you don’t have to hold it… priceless.

Now, since we are talking about vr porn toys, the interactive feature is rated as the best one out there. Sure, it has some hiccups with some videos. But, nothing major from my point of view and in comparison with other toys it still holds the first place.

Like any stroker the cleaning part is the boring part. It comes off easy. Cleaning is pretty fast, but the drying part takes a bit as you would expect.

The Handy – Not the most known, but probably the best

the handy vr porn toy review

3 things that you will notice about this stroker. It is smaller, lighter and easy to control. Although, ever since its launch you will find positive reviews on forums like reddit, this company is not big on marketing. It looks like they want their product quality to be their marketing main voice. And it seems they are nailing it.

Something that I appreciate a lot is the they have added enough guides on their site about how to use it. They even have guides on how to sync it with vr porn videos. And to make things even more appealing they got Little Caprice to ‘test’ it out on some vegetables.

As you can see from the video, the sleeve seems extremely adaptable and… pleasurable. Another thing worth mentioning is that The Handy is pretty silent.

And to make things even more interesting, you can customize the toy. Because of the design you can use all kinds of sleeves. Some adventurous users made a custom Velcro to attach Fleshlight toys. Here you can read directly on their site about compatibilities. Thinking of most, so called modern, companies they won’t declare anything about their products compatibility with other products. But, these guys are either in love with their product or they simple like to add value as much as they can. You will see it on their site. They have no problem recommending sex toys from other manufacturers.

VR compatibility is high. I haven’t got any issues with it. Even big sites like SexLikeReal supports The Handy. And that says a lot about this toys quality, as it is supported by one of the biggest and best vr porn sites out there.

Cleaning is straight forward. From my point of view this is my recommended toy, especially to interact with vr porn videos.


QUICKSHOT LAUNCH by Fleshlight product review

Anyone that have even the tiniest experience with sex toys have heard about Fleshlight. Their known both for their quality strokers known as ‘fleshlight’ and for their Pornstar inspired sleeves (both men and women). The QUICKSHOT LAUNCH has got to be known as one of the best ‘blowjob machines’ out there. It comes with a ‘sleeve’ (the Quickshot) and the Launch (the thing that controls the movement). And as you can see, on the top it has a place holder for smarthphones. Put some POV porn on it and enjoy it.

It is visible bigger than Keon & Feel Stroker, but that shouldn’t be an issue no matter how you want to hold it. The bad thing from my perspective is that it is noisier and bigger compared to Keon. I would consider this only if I would live alone, with good soundproof walls to ‘save’ neighbors ears in the middle of the night. Also, consider the needed space to store it. Also, I wouldn’t consider this as the first or the only toy. Or at least I would opt the Universal Launch as you can use the Fleshlight on it. But that is just my preference.

Another thing to consider is your size, if you are on the bigger side. Check Quickshot measurements before buying. In case you realize it is not a good fit, you can consider Universal Launch for the reason I outlined earlier.

Lets see how good it is as a virtual reality porn toy. Although it is able to offer an intense experience, its downfall is that it doesn’t sync with vr porn. And the interaction with VR is our main focus here. You can count only on the manual settings and your ability to mimic the movement from the video.

Cleaning can be a bit tricky. Depending on your trajectory, you can mess up the support and even your phone. Funny, but not so funny if you manage to get cum in the joints or on your phone speakers/ports. You will clean it, but it will take time and some attention to details.

But, even with all the negative, don’t get fooled. This is far from any average sex toy. I would put it in top 5 interactive male sex toys.

TITAN BY KIIROO™ – Interactive Vibrating Masturbator for Men

TITAN BY KIIROO male sex toy review

This is quite different than the 3 previous ones. This operates based on vibration. No stroking mechanism. Now, for some this will provide enough stimulation to go over the edge and roll your eyes back. I know I enjoy it. However, others will feel the need of the stroking movement. So this is debatable from man to man.

I have included this toy among the vr interactive sex toys for 2 reasons:

  1. it is able to interact with VR content with any smartphone-based headset
  2. its vibrating system is somewhat unique among all the strokers

The downside of this toy is that if you will feel the need of the stroking motion you will have to do that manually. Titan is pretty small and you will be able to do that even with one hand. However, this is still a downside for some as it is not a complete hands free toy to enjoy your quality vr porn.

Another downside is that it will work with headsets connected to your PC, but the procedure to connect is a bit lengthy for my taste. Sure. Once set, it is all good. But, I still give them a minus for the work around you have to do, not to mention that the guides are not present on their site.

On the plus side you can connect this and enjoy some virtual sex with your long distance partner. And as long as your dong is on the average side you should feel enough stimulation from all the 9 vibrating motors.

The maximum penis size that this toy can hold is:

  • Circumference: 4.5cm x 3.14cm
  • Length: maximum 19cm

This applies for any sex toy that you want to buy: carefully read what is the minimum and maximum size that the toy can hold. Why? Because you can’t return these based on xxxx

Like with any other interactive sex toy it has both auto and manual mode. It has 7 mode in total:

  1. mode 1 – bluetooth (connect to content or partner)
  2. mode 2 – targeted (activate where you want it to vibrate)
  3. mode 3 – targeted power (activate how many part you want to vibrate)
  4. mode 4 – auto (simulates up and down movement through vibration)
  5. mode 5 – blowjob
  6. mode 6 – pulse (it cycles in a loop from low to high intensity)
  7. mode 7 – endurance (this mixes different intesities while moving up and down)

* First mode is the interactive mode, the following 2 are manual modes and the remaining 5 are auto modes.

This is a really nice toy to have fun with. I would recommend it to anyone that already has a toy like The Handy or the Keeon & Feel Stroker. I consider those the golden standard among masturbation devices. Titan makes it as a great toy to diversify things once in a while. But, this is my view and you should consider your own preferences.

I would consider this as the first or only sex toy if you are taking it to use it with your partner. Surely it is one of the best toys to interact with your girlfriend vibrator.

Cleaning is similar to any sleeve sex toy. A bit tricky.

Lovense Max 2

lovense max 2 vr masturbation device review

Simply explained this is Titan + a suction mechanism. Sure it is not made exactly the same, but the main feature is there: vibrations. Just like in the case of Titan, vibrations won’t be enough for some men and they will need to manually stroke it. Marketed as a sex toy for: long distance sex toy, interactive sex toy for vr games and vr porn, it is surely loved by many.

As I already talked about how Titan works and what are the advantages and short comings of vibrations, I won’t go over all that again. What I will say is the added feature of suction might drive you crazy. I know it did it for me. Shhh…

The sleeve seems a bit tighter compared to Titan and this opinion seems to be shared by others as well, especially those that are well endowed. Because of a way to tight fit some have complained about low intensity sensations from the vibrations. If there isn’t any room for movement and friction, vibrations might not do the job.

It won’t sync automatically with vr porn, which is a minus, but Lovense Max 2 is on this list of interactive vr porn toys for some good reasons:

  1. they have a Media Player that you can import VR videos to, and create patterns for your toy to react to it.
  2. it is able to offer a hands free ride to the wonderland as, from my point of view, it offers pretty good sensations, although it is a bit louder than Titan.

So all in all, it may not be the best sex toy to sync with vr porn, but it is definitely worth the mention. It can be a longer way to make it interact with the video content, but after all it has the feature to do so. On another somewhat negative aspect the air pump is a bit noisy for my taste. Nothing exaggerated, but enough to distract me.

Autoblow A.I.

Autoblow A.I. masturbator review

Although this is not able to directly sync with vr porn, I couldn’t resist the need to mention it because it is unique in it’s own way. Plus, even if it is not syncing with vr content, it can still do the job. And for that it has 3 extra sleeves that you can choose from (mouth, pussy and ass), all with different patterns inside.

On the plus side, because you are running it plugged in, the motor is able to deliver optimal power and follow the instructions you give it (stroking pattern and speed). Sure, since it doesn’t have batteries, this can be seen as a downside. However, I look at it in terms of optimal performance and the unlimited time you can spend using it without the need to worry about battery life.

The creation of the ‘blowjob styles’ that you can select on it, were made by studying actual porn scenes. And when I say ‘study’, I mean real science stuff. The team that worked on it identified about 16 styles. The product offers “10 blowjob experiences, 10 speeds per experience, and use the edge button to pause your blowjob at any time to extend your enjoyment”.

They say it is 3 times powerful than its predecessor, but I haven’t tested that model so I can’t comment on that. I will comment on noise level as it is not the quietest among these toys.

Most likely, on this one more than any other, I am biased and can’t put my finger on it to make a realistic comparison with the other ones, especially it seems in its own class. So, I will just say this is something worth trying if you have a bunch of toys already and have the budget.

KIIROO® ONYX+™ Interactive Male Masturbator

Fuck with in VR

Kiiroo Onyx Plus is the upgrade version of Onyx2 (which is sold out). Comparing it with it’s predecessor you can tell there are solid improvements. But, lets see how good it stacks against its competitors.

On the plus side it mimics a stroking motion and doesn’t rely on vibration like Titan or Lovense. Instead it has 10 contracting rings that can mimic the stroking motion amazingly well. I don’t know what is the life of those contracting rings, but so far they offer an intense experience. The stroking sensation can be up for debate, as everyone has their own taste. But, what I can say for sure is that, there are much lower chances that anyone will complain of lack of sensation (like it is the case with the Titan vibrations for some).

Just like other Kiiroo toys it connects with most popular vr headsets, although on their site they say it is compatible only with smartphone vr googles. So it deserves its place among the interactive vr sex toys that you can get. And like most interactive toys it enables you to connect with your partner. Naughty.

The sleeve quality is probably the highest that you can get, as it seems to be the same one that Fleshlight uses for its toys. Plus, the sleeve flexibility makes it easy to clean. Just turn it outside out, gently, and you can clean it easy and fast.

It is one of the quietest ones. However, if I would have to rate the sensations with Lovense Max 2 for example I would go with Max2. If I would compare it with Titan, Onyx is a bit more intense. And if I were to stack it against one of the toys that have the actual stroking motion, I would go with those every time.


My personal favorites are The Handy and Keon & Feel Stroker. However, you should use your own judgement and experience with sex toys. Also, always check the manufacturer site for all the details possible. And when you can’t find all the info that you need, make use of their support.