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The best VR Cam Girls are subject to user preference. And for that reason bellow you can check the live poll with the top VR Live Cams. All rated by actual users. In the same table you will find the essential data for each site: payments accepted, prices, web address and if it is inactive as some are going on and off. After that, if you want to know more about each vr cam site, you can read our review for each one. Let’s start.


Price & Payment Methods



SexLikeReal VR Cam Girls

from $12/100 tokens
Credit Card, Paypal, Crypto

StripChat VR Cam Site

from $4.99/45 tokens
Credit Card, Paypal, Skrill, Crypto, PaysafeCard


from $4.99/45 tokens
Credit Card, Paypal, Skrill, Crypto, PaysafeCard

CamSoda VR Camsites

inactive at this time

Chaturbate live vr sex chat

inactive at this time

Webcam industry is one that has grown extremely fast and continues to grow. And in this huge market, VR Live Cams are a new entry. And the only things holding it back to explode are time and entry price. The entry price is in the range of hundreds to thousands of dollars. This price is paid by the client for the VR headset and by the model/studio for the camera/webcam able to live stream in Virtual Reality. With time we can assume that the price of the technology will go lower. And this should enable mass adoption in general of VR easier. But, let’s get back to our Reviews about each VR Cam Site.

The order of the Reviews is based on the quality of each site, during this article writeup. For a better overview, check the previous table and the user ratings. Although we try to keep our articles up to date, if there is ever a delay in updates, the live poll will always give a better view on which are the best cams at any give time.

Here are the best VR Cam Sites at this time. Check out our reviews.

SexLikeReal VR Cam Girls Review

Because this Live Cams are coming from a huge platform, you can expect top quality. And they deliver it. SexLikeReal needs no introduction for any VR Porn enthusiast. It is probably the most known site for adult vr content. Along with its own produced porn scenes, SLR is a hub for hundreds of vr studios that get to sell on their platform. The quality of VR Porn has gone quite high the past few years. The main challenge at this time is related to ‘how you film’ a VR scene from POV perspective. Because the actual technology is quite high now, the challenge is in the shooting the scene.

We monitored SLR Live VR section for the past few days and we can say that on average we say around 20-30 models live. And they have a total of over 500 models.

Having the a heavy weight player in the field of VR Porn, selling scenes with thousands of top Pornstars comes with its perks. Every now and then, there are special events where you can see your favorite Pornstar in a live vr show. If in vr porn you get to ‘fuck’ with your favorite Pornstar, in live vr cams you get to see the show like you are right next to her. Appealing, right?

StripChat VR Cam Site Review

This is probably in top 5 most known webcam sites out there. It had an amazing growth and managed to make a name for itself. It was launched in 2016, but now it has around of 270 million visitors per month, according to This is a heavy weight player not only in webcam niche, but in the entire adult niche. And all that is for a good reason. They have kept the pace with the market and kept pushing for growth. For example they are one of the first platforms to allow models to use their smartphones to broadcast.

At any given time they have around 25 models in the StripChat VR Live chat. And thousands of models in their regular chat section. Considering the live vr models and the quality (models and resolution) , it is hard to make a clear distinction between the StripChat VR and SexLikeReal VR cams. From our perspective the choice will be made considering 2 things: model/s you like the most and how the website looks.


Since XHAMSTER Live has the same models and the same price structure as StripChat, we won’t focus on reviewing them since we already talked about StripChat. We will revisit this review in case they will start to have their own base of VR models.

Keep in mind that most Cam sites share the models. Or better said, a model will broadcast for multiple cam sites. From our observations Xhamster Live has the exact same list of models. They even display them in the exact same order.

CamSoda VR Camsite Review

A well known site with live cam shows. They had a short period displaying VR cams. There is no VR section on their site now. Will update the review if they re-enable this section.

Chaturbate Live VR Sex Chat Review

Probably the number 1 webcam site. With over 300 million visitors each month, according to similarweb, they are pulling huge numbers and for a good reason. However, since their VR section is not active, we can’t review it. It would be interesting to see them in the VR game. Competition can accelerate technology development, market growth and overall quality. Will have to see what happens.

Conclusion for the best VR Live Cams

At this time, in reality, we have two serious contenders: SexLikeReal & StripChat. Both offer security, they accept multiple payments and they have good quality in terms of resolution and models. And their pricing structure, although a bit different, it is almost at the same level. The only notable difference between the two is the models. For now anyone that want to choose one will do so considering which performer is hotter for them. 🙂

How to have the best experience watching VR Cam Girls Live?

First of it is about your VR headset. A VR cardboard from google will help you make an idea of how VR looks and feel. However, with that you will love tons of quality. Consider that for an optimum quality you should consider opting for headsets that are around $200 or higher. If you are already using vr headset to watch the best VR Porn Sites, you know how important is the headset used. No matter how good is the content quality; you need the optimum gadget to get all that quality.

Second thing, especially since you will be watching a live stream in high resolution, you will need a stable and high speed internet connection. This is crucial. Otherwise, it will be freaking frustrating. And instead of enjoying your time you will end up doing the opposite.

Are there any Cons for VR sex chat?

Other than the high entry price of the gadgets needed, I would say there is a downside to some VR webcams. Usually, the performer will broadcast both for regular users (2D) and for VR users. And if you are not constantly paying, she will focus more on the regular webcam. Although the experience of watching a show in Virtual Reality is so much more intense, having the model looking at the other camera can make the experience suffer a little bit.

However, this is not a rule and it depends on how the model works. Some broadcast exclusively for VR for example. Also, it depends on how much of her attention you can pay for. 🙂